Naramata Seed Show, need to cancel

February is usually the gloomiest month of the year and this year is no exception, I was so looking forward to going to Naramata for their seed show event  this weekend.

With the good weather that we had last week everything that started to thaw, has froze again. My partner slipped on the ice and fractured a few ribs! What that means is that I need to stay home,  as we live high in the mountains and get a lot of snow.  I have spent a lot of the last week out on the tractor plowing snow and getting in the firewood to keep the house warm.

He will heal fine, and I am probably getting in better shape just keeping up the chores he usually does.

I do apologize for not being able to attend and I will try to get to a couple of Farmers markets in the area sometime perhaps in June.


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